The video for 'Wish You Home' has been long awaited, but worth the wait! The video features the full length song as it appears on the album 'Love The Hard Way'. "We wanted to include the instrumental ending on the video because it really drives home the point of the song" said GF's Paul Bain. "The song conveys so much sorrow and pain from being away from loved ones, whether they're living interstate, or abroad, or in hospital or even serving their country."

"We really wanted to pay homage to the people that have to live with these sort of struggles since we have all been in a similar situation, or know someone who has." Mellissa adds.

Even before the video was finished, 'Wish You Home' was already making waves on the Country Tracks Chart debuting at #26. The single can be requested on your local station so get requesting and help push the song up even further!

Watch the new video below now!


Georgia Fall

Georgia Fall, Brisbane, QLD, Australia